DemoSep 16, 2021

Virtual Proctoring with AWS

Virtual proctoring ensures exam result integrity, enabling exams to be taken anywhere.

Case StudySep 03, 2021

Animal Tracking Through RFID in Agritech

Monitor data proactively, prevent theft, and boost agricultural efficiency with smart IoT devices.

WebinarAug 27, 2021

Modernize with Amazon Redshift Lake House Architecture

Learn the accelerated path to data modernization and insights from top experts in the field.

Case StudyAug 27, 2021

Headless Magento for Ecommerce

An Interview with Torsten Hamper, Head of CrossChannel IT at toom Baumarkt, a subsidiary of REWE Group.

WhitepaperAug 25, 2021

ROS Automation Testing for Wheeled and Legged Mobile Robots

Testing in robotics is as important as in other software development domains.

DemoAug 20, 2021
Financial Services

Investment Products Recommendation Engine

The IPRE is an investment banking solution that connects retail investors to complex capital markets.

DemoAug 12, 2021
Energy, Oil & Gas

AI-Powered Operation and Maintenance Assistance

Accelerate your company operations with an AI-powered document management solution.

WhitepaperAug 11, 2021
Financial Services

The Intelligent Digital Business Executive Briefing

Delivering on the promise of Digital Transformation: Is your business ready for the intuitive era?

WhitepaperAug 05, 2021

AI/ML Hardware Acceleration

Eliminate AI/ML/IoT, data processing performance bottlenecks.

WhitepaperAug 04, 2021

Softserve Recognized as a Trusted Cloud Consulting Partner by CCS Insight

Learn about SoftServe’s Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE), qualifications, operational experience, partnerships, and design foundations based on CCS Insight’s analysis.