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Innovate with purpose, rationalize costs, and drive efficiencies with Microsoft Azure's open and flexible Cloud computing platform.

With Microsoft Azure, your business can build and deploy on your terms—today, and for the future.

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Key Competencies

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SoftServe is a 8x Certified Gold Partner

Key Solution Areas

SoftServe delivers Microsoft-enabled solutions for modernizing and managing your infrastructure, unlocking your data’s full potential, and transforming your enterprise. Click on a section below to learn how SoftServe and Microsoft can accelerate your digital journey.

  • Data Science
    • 01Big Data & Analytics

      Using data to drive decision-making is what differentiates competitive enterprises, drives sustainable business growth, and provides a 360-degree view of your customers. But it requires a data-driven culture willing to implement use cases such as demand prediction, price optimization, personalized marketing, and financial forecasting to be successful.

      Microsoft’s actionable insights solutions improve your operational intelligence and real-time visibility on metrics and KPIs, streamlines decision-making, and accelerates response times to market changes. AI/ML can also be integrated to provide real-time actionable analytics, discover hidden patterns, and predict demand and maintenance.

    • 02Internet of Things
    • 03AI/ML
  • Modern Infrastructure
    • 01DevOps

      Microsoft DevOps dramatically increases operational effectiveness and cuts costs, yet still gives complete control over your infrastructure, IT process, and software delivery performance.

      This ecosystem and SoftServe’s expertise drive greater efficiencies and cost savings—without extensive output, heavy lifting, or costs.

      At our core, SoftServe is a software development company. That’s why combining our strengths in building enterprise-grade solutions with Microsoft’s ecosystem means you’ll spend less time and money supporting your company's development and operational processes, and more time innovating.

    • 02Security and Compliance
    • 03Managed Services
    • 04Azure VMware Solution (AVS)
  • Digital Transformation
    • 01Application Modernization

      It’s undeniable that platform and application modernization maximizes ROI and unlocks future investment capital. Yet, many enterprises still believe that mapping all of the relationships across apps, hardware, and networking devices will be difficult and costly.

      Microsoft’s Azure Migration Program accelerates your modernization and migration with proactive guidance and strategic changes. By bringing your existing on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server license to the cloud, you can save up to 85% while creating more agility, scalability, and flexibility.

      At SoftServe, we’re one of only a few companies in the world who can run application and platform modernization at the same time due to our nearly three decades of software development and automation success.

      By leveraging Microsoft’s cloud migration solutions and tools with the expertise of SoftServe, you’ll migrate and modernize while reducing risk and complexity, innovating, and increasing your ROI.

    • 02Enterprise Application Strategy and Deployment
    • 03Product Engineering

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