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Digital Transformation at the Forefront of Industry 4.0

A 4th Industrial Revolution, "Industry 4.0," is transforming manufacturing. Big data, AI, and machine learning are the new steam power of the 21st century. Robotics and industrial internet of things (IIoT) are the new Ford assembly line, and recent events have only accelerated this manufacturing revolution.

According to the World Economic Forum, four durable shifts constitute a global reset in the manufacturing industry. New imperatives have emerged, including agility and customer-centricity, supply chain resilience, speed and productivity, and eco-efficiency.

To meet these challenges, manufacturers will need to navigate, implement, and integrate innovative new technologies to transform their supply chain and inventory, factory operations, workforce management, customer experience, and more.

According to BCI
of organizations have significantly increased their use of technology to map supply chain disruption in 2021
According to Oneserve
is lost each year in the UK alone in cost and lost revenue through machine downtime
According to Crowe LLP
of manufacturing executives agree industry 4.0 will start to replace traditional methods

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    Accelerate and streamline R&D and product design capabilities with advanced technology solutions. Leverage innovative technology like augmented reality (AR) to create new product formulas in minutes, or harmonize your company's entire innovation cycle using SoftServe’s Innovation Platform

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  • 03Digital Supply Chain
  • 04Customer Intelligence
  • 05Worker safety
  • 06Operational Efficiency

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