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Digital reinvention for energy focused business operations

A digital-first business model is a standard within the energy industry, including oil and gas, utilities, renewables, battery storage, solar, and wind. Energy leaders must digitally innovate at scale or risk lagging behind competitors. Innovation requires leveraging technology to reimagine operational strategies, revolutionize business processes, transform the workforce, and more.

According to Oil & Gas IQ
of energy companies are in the beginning/planning stages of digital transformation, while only 13% said they are established
According to IDC
of O&G companies will move a majority of on-premise applications to cloud in line with their DX strategy by 2021
According to IDC
of Oil majors will have deployed AI powered applications to various exploration processes ranging from automated drilling to cognitive seismic data analysis to reservoir modeling by 2022

Driving your digital initiatives for long term growth

  • 01IT Advisory

    Transform the IT/CIO organization to meet future business and operational needs. IT is digital infrastructure organization servicing and supporting business-based applications, platforms, data accessibility, and security. SoftServe professionally assesses the current state of IT infrastructure, advises on quick wins, and develops a roadmap for IT transformation.
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  • 03Data Strategy & Analytics

  • 04Machine Learning for Exploration and Production

  • 05Intelligent Applications Development

  • 06Assets Performance Management

  • 07Workers Safety & Productivity

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