By Sebastian SantibanezSep 07, 2021
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLSoftware Development

Driving Value with AI

Why using an AI pilot to build your AI projects drives the greatest business value.

  5 min read
By Jarosław GrząbelSep 02, 2021
AWSCloud & DevOps

Optimize Your AWS Cloud Costs

Learn the difference between merely cutting costs and optimizing your cloud spend on AWS to drive greater business success.

  4 min read
By Kam CheungAug 26, 2021
Financial ServicesIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & ML

Drive Highly Personalized Consumer Finance Investment Recommendations with AI and ML

SoftServe's Investment Product Recommendation Engine (IPRE) reference pattern uses machine learning and data analytics to balance individual investor risk preferences with investment product expected returns to provide personalized investment recommendations.

  3 min read
By Igor IsupovAug 24, 2021
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & ML

SoftServe’s New Workshop Equips You for Enterprise AI Integration with NVIDIA and VMware

In our NVIDIA AI Enterprise Enablement Workshop, SoftServe experts will help you build a foundation of AI enterprise capabilities and will implement sample use cases in a dev environment.

  2 min read
By Oleksandr Kukovskyi, Mykhailo ShveikaAug 16, 2021
RetailSoftware Development

7 Reasons Why Shopify Appeals to Medium-Sized Companies and Startups

Discover how Shopify can accelerate the transition to e-commerce for mid-sized businesses and startups.

  5 min read
By Oleg Zubchenok, Viktoriya TsytsakAug 11, 2021
Financial ServicesRetail

11 Steps to Increased Profits through Process Improvement and Re-Engineering

Increase business efficiency and generate better results in the profit and loss (P&L) statement with our tried-and-tested approach.

  6 min read
By Mykhailo Shveika, Oleksandr KukovskyiAug 06, 2021

What is Omnichannel Strategy and Why is It Important?

Why omnichannel strategy makes a difference and how retailers can adopt it wisely.

  6 min read
By Jack OakleyJul 30, 2021
Google CloudIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & ML

SoftServe’s Machine Learning Division Drives Innovation and Success

SoftServe’s machine learning expertise led to its recent award as the Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year - Machine Learning.

  5 min read
By Greg PackJul 23, 2021

Overcome Technology Barriers to Patient-Member Centricity

Here we interview industry expert, SoftServe VP Healthcare John Edwards, to gain more insight as to how healthcare payers can utilize ISS to create better, more personalized member experiences, and how they can move more quickly to market with these solutions.

  6 min read
By Clive DeakinJul 19, 2021
Cloud & DevOps

How to Overcome 3 Common Cloud Modernization Challenges

Avoid roadblocks on your cloud modernization journey and realize the maximum benefits available to your business.

  4 min read